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Three Trailheads Search For The First Lady, Find Themselves In Summerhill.

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Half the human Trailheads crew (Brad, Guy, and Roy) set out on a hike with loyal companions Elvis and Fio. George was off exploring Oregon, Steve had paperwork, and Patrick was entertaining out of town guests. It wasn't a sanctioned hike because the Trailheads Act of 2021 clearly states: "There must be a minimum of four Trailheads for a hike to be official." This controversial law has incited protests and uprisings nationwide, but the law still stands.

FOUR Trailheads!

The Trailheads trio embarked on a path not yet taken––The Michelle Obama Trail in Decatur. It's part of Path and connected to Gresham Park. DeKalb County has done a nice job with this trail. Michelle would approve. And while we hoped she and BO would be strolling about, we sadly never ran into them.

The route combines a divided big sidewalk for strollers, bikes, rollerblades, and a collection of off-the-beaten-path woodsier trails. It was mostly flat, and we got in a healthy 5.5-mile walk. The dogs probably did 17.5-miles.

We ran into a giant meadow and a landing strip along the way. We thought this might be a significant drug operation, but it turned out to be the home of a radio-controlled airplane group (it's tough to strap a bale of marijuana on a tiny aircraft. This area was a perfect spot to play frisbee and tennis ball with the pups.

Before we finished hiking, we were ready for barbecue eating to start. We didn't waste time looking for a new spot, so we headed to Woods Chapel Barbecue in Summerhill near the old Ted stadium. Steve somehow tore himself away from his precious paperwork to join us. He's a Trailhead with barbecue sauce running through his veins.

The last time we went to Woods Chapel, Brad spotted a woman eating a brisket-grilled cheese sandwich. He asked her while she was mid-bite about the sammie, and his mouth watered as he heard the recipe of bread layered beef brisket, gooey cheese, and tasty goodness all in one easy to handle package.

Brad has been dreaming about the sandwich ever since. On this outing, he ordered his own, and it was as good as he imagined it would be.

The other Trailheads went more for traditional fare: ribs, pulled pork, and beef brisket. The ribs, while glistening and meaty, were deemed a little dry. Perhaps it was the absence of a heavy fat layer. Fat works wonders, but these are the ribs to devour if you like your ribs a little cleaner and dense.

The pulled pork was smokey and made a big, tasty sandwich. It disappeared quickly. (As did the photo of it.)

The brisket was excellent. A crisp exterior contained succulent beef packed with a smokey flavor. The woman at the counter highly suggested the brisket, and she was on the money.

The sides were exceptional. The beet slaw is simply beet juice-colored slaw, so beet haters should fear not. It's terrific. The pork and beans were a hit, loaded with all kinds of beans. The collard greens were rich and savory featuring meat and barbeque sauce. They could be a main course.They are some of the best collards we've had.

Elvis approved of the leftover fat scraps. His tongue was in overdrive, and his lips smacked like a wind-up monkey with cymbals.

After gorging ourselves on this high-quality 'cue, we moseyed across the street to Little Tart Bakeshop for lattes. Rich and creamy, these folks know how to make a perfect cup. It was the perfect civilized finish to an excellent day.

Thanks, Michelle. It was a delight to walk your way.

Rating: Four Ribs*

Wood's Chapel BBQ

85 Georgia Ave SE

Atlanta GA 30312


*About Our Barbecue Rating System

Trailheads do not claim to be food experts, epicureans, or sophisticated palettes. We are hungry hikers who attack a selected barbecue venue and ravage our way through whatever smoked fare and fixings they’re dishing.

Our reviews feature what we believe are the highlights of the menu we sampled. So our intent is not to trash talk the saintly folks who tend to smoldering smokers on hot, humid summer days. They are sacrificing themselves in the noble art of smoking meats and feeding the drooling masses. Many are independent entrepreneurs who are the backbone of this humming American economy.

Now that you know our standards, you may wonder why every barbecue place gets a four ribs rating. The answer is easy: we have acclaimed designers in our group, and they think the ribs graphic looks cool.

Who are we to argue? Enjoy.


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