Giving Back

Trailheads Honor Firefighters

For people who love the Great Outdoors like we do, there’s nothing more devastating than wildfires—and nothing more heroic than the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our communities from those rapacious flames. That’s why—in the age of climate change—the Trailheads are embracing the Wildland Firefighters Foundation as our cause. Founded in 1994, the WFF is dedicated to helping the families left behind when a firefighter dies on the front lines. And that means that when you buy a Trailheads t-shirt or hat or anything in our collection, every penny above our costs will be sent to the WFF.  


So you’ll not only look good out there on your next hike, you’ll feel good too, knowing you’re supporting a family who lost someone in our endless fight against wildfires.