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The Crew

This is Us

Trailheads were once movers and shakers in the advertising, design, and production communities who now share a passion for hiking with two great dogs, eating barbecue, and playing poker. We don’t allow the dogs to play cards with us. They have dog poker games––we’ve seen the artwork. Trailheads agree our activities beat the hell out of working.

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Elvis & Fio

Brad Copeland


I'm Elvis's dad, which makes me a lucky man. I was born on World Olympic Day and made an Olympic design career working on 14 consecutive Games... logging 3 million air miles in the process. I like to lose money playing poker. My lousy poker face comes in handy.

Patrick Scullin


I’m a pasty-skinned Irishman who avoids sunlight like a vampire because dermatologists constantly freeze or cut basil cell carcinomas off my body. I started a successful ad agency, sold it, and now write fiction, satire, and whatnot

Roy Trimble


I am The Great Indoorsman of the group. The one that would be cast in the film for comedic effect. My role is to whine, bitch and moan along the trail. I'm here for the Cue.

Steve Floyd


I am a Hoosier with a spiritual affinity for the mountains (must be my Welsh-Irish-Scot bloodline). Enhancing my outsider credentials, I’m the only Trailhead who never worked in advertising. I love reading but enjoy nature photography more. 

Guy Tucker


I was born in San Francisco and raised in Seattle, Fair Haven NJ, Dallas, Atlanta, Athens GA and Paris France. And that's why I roam from town to town and never lay my money down.

George Hirthler


I’m an old anti-war hippie from a coal-mining family in PA who became an ad writer in Atlanta before a 30-year run as an Olympic peace idealist. Now I just love walkin’ & talkin’ on the trail. 

Fio Tucker


I’m Princess Fiona, a 50 lb. Golden Doodle and proud rescue dog––I rescued Guy and his family TeamTucker from their dog-less miserable previous existence. I love catching Frisbees, swimming, and making pretty girls go “ooh and ahh.” I get a haircut every four months, and that takes off a couple of pounds, easy.

Elvis Copeland


I’m nearly two and 105 lbs of pure lab hound rescue from S. Georgia. My 23andMe reports that I’m 50% blacklab, 25% Basset Hound, and 25% Black and Tan Coonhound. My favorite command: “SQUIRREL!!!!” I’m 100% into swimming, chasing deer, and my favorite song? “You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hounddog” by you-know-who.

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