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Our Trails

Our Ground Rules

To qualify as an officially sanctioned TrailHeads hike, we must have at least three Members. We trash talk whoever didn’t make it. Following our hike, we select a local barbecue joint and sample it. Bloated with smoked meats and sides, we disband until our next TrailHeads adventure. Here are details of some of the ground we’ve covered so far.



Boundary Waters Chattahoochee Loop

Distance: 5.74 miles

Elevation Gain: 249 ft

Moving Time:  2:16

Barbecue:  The Mustard Seed BBQ

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes: The Trailheads (Guy, George, Steve, Roy, Brad, and Patrick) assembled southwest of Atlanta, past Six Flags, and near Douglasville, for an invigorating hike along the Boundary Waters Chattahoochee Loop. It was a fine trail but wet and sloppy in spots because Mother Nature had been crying earlier in the week. Russia will do that. After we escaped the muck we headed to The Mustard Seed BBQ. Trailhead Tip: Ribs, Mustard Sauce and Fried Okra. That's all you need.



Henry's Mill Falls Trail To Bear Creek

Distance: 3.1 miles

Elevation Gain: 246 ft

Moving Time:  1:30

Barbecue:  The Ohio Hog Company

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes:  The Trailheads headed southwest today to the Henry's Mill Falls Trail to Bear Creek (quite a mouthful) near Fairburn. Roy, Brad, George, Guy, and Patrick missed Steve, who was on the disabled list and getting fluid drained from his knee. Ouch. It was a little drizzly but well worth it. It's a lovely trail system with lots of water features and small waterfalls. Before the real rain hit we headed to The Ohio Hog Company in Tyrone for barbecue. Ohio barbecue we said? It was some of the best we've sampled. Actually devoured. Fio and Elvis sat and watched us make pigs of ourselves. If you get down that way it's worth a visit.



Yellow River Park Loop

Distance: 3.8 miles

Elevation Gain: 194 ft

Moving Time:  1:42

Barbecue:  Wood's Chapel BBQ

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes:  This hike took Trailheads to the mysterious Yellow River trail. Mysterious because we didn't know there was a Yellow River. While Patrick, Steve, Brad, Roy and Guy took in these domestic wonders George was hiking around the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Elvis and Fio were delighted with all the water which they shared with all of us. Afterwards we took a trip to Summerhill and Wood's Chapel Barbecue. It was a hit with all.



Vickery Creek From Oxbo Road

Distance: 3.7 miles

Elevation Gain: 318 ft

Moving Time:  1:48

Barbecue:  Spiced Right Ribhouse

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes:  Trailheads began our journey on the Vickery Creek Trail at Oxbo Road in Roswell, a virgin trail for us. It is a beautiful hike with well-kept paths, good elevations, and enough beautiful sights to make the senses of smell, taste, touch, and hearing envious. We had a spirited conversation no one would have mistaken for a moving Mensa meeting and enjoyed an incredible journey through the scenic woods on a cool winter day. Afterwards the group took in the barbecue offerings of Roswell's Spiced Right Smokehouse. Elvis missed Fio. (As well as Guy and Roy) But a good time was had by all.



Lake Charlotte

Distance: 2.3 miles

Elevation Gain: 217 ft

Moving Time:  1:13

Barbecue:  Daddy D'z BBQ

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes:   Trailheads enjoyed a short hike Thursday on Atlanta’s newest trail, Lake Charlotte, south of the city in the warehouse district, followed by a trek back into the city for lunch at the venerable Daddy D’z The BBQ Joynt on Memorial Drive SE. We are partial to any barbecue place that calls itself a joint, and we’re enamored with a joint brave enough to spell it “joynt.” Lake Charlotte just had it's soft open in November and is a work in progress. Parking is an issue that needs to be solved but the woods are beautiful and it should become a wonderful destination for hikers and woods walkers.



Bellwood Quarry-Westside Trail

Distance: 4 miles

Elevation Gain:  358 ft

Moving Time:  2:30

Barbecue:  Fox Bros-Westside

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes:   Trailheads celebrated our first group hike for our website subscribers today. We had a good turnout of fun Trailheads followers. On this hike everyone took the lead. The conversations meadered as often as the trial did. George wasn't able to join as he was walking the streets of Paris. Ahhh, to be in his hiking shoes. The new Bellwood Quarry park is spectacular. Centered on the quarry you're treated to amazing vistas of the city. It has been beautifully designed and planned for city hiking. And amazingly it is larger than Piedmont Park. Over time when the trees grow it will be a paradise within the sity. After our walk we took off to Fox Bros Westside and they did not disappoint. This new outpost at The Works is another great addition to the rapidly expanding Westside.



Mount Yonah Trail 

Distance: 4.6 miles

Elevation Gain:  1496 ft

Moving Time:  3:00

Barbecue:  North Georgia BBQ-Cleveland

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes:   Today the entire Trailheads contingent drove an hour and a half north to Mount Yonah. We understand that Yonah is the Cherokee word for Bear. We agree, it is a beast. Almost two and a half miles up (and up and up!) and the same down. Beautiful views and a lot of fun. We avoided any of our usual calamities. Then headed to North Georgia BBQ in Cleveland. It was exceptional.



Raven Cliff Falls Trail 

Distance: 5.84 miles

Elevation Gain:  548 ft

Moving Time:  3:18

Barbecue:  Rib Country

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes:   Today the Trailheads minus George took on the Raven Cliff Falls Trail near Helen GA. Barbara Copeland joined us again along with their great friends Kim and Steve from Newport Beach. We encountered a lot of ups, mud, roots, and a log bridge along the way. All worth it for the beautiful stream and falls. Roy had a mishap almost at the end. The edge of the trail gave way and he slid and tumbled six times down a steep embankment. He finally came to rest at the bottom and some campers and the THs came running to his aid. There was a little blood, a lot of scrapes and bruises, and a rattled brain. Nothing a good barbecue lunch couldn't help. We hit Rib Country in Cleveland on our way home. Fio and Elvis were tired pups after this one.



Sope Creek Via Cochran Shoals

Distance: 4.35 miles

Elevation Gain:  217 ft

Moving Time:  1:50

Barbecue:  City BBQ

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes:   Trailheads hiked the Sope Creek via Cochran Shoals trail today. It's part of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area and even for a weekday was pretty busy. So we took off into the woods and up the hill on the lesser used trails. Much more fun. Meanwhile Trailhead George Hirthler was on the Shevlin Park Loop Trail in Oregon and Trailhead Steve Floyd was admiring the views in New Mexico. We finished the day again at City Barbecue in Sandy Springs. Watch for our review.



Powers Island Loop Trail

Distance: 3.24 miles

Elevation Gain:  289 ft

Moving Time:  1:46

Barbecue:  Heirloom Market BBQ

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes:   Trailheads stayed close to home this time. As we march forward to complete the Chattahoochee Challenge we came back here so a couple of our Heads could get their hike in on this lovely trail. Elvis and Brad had a presentation to finish up and George continues to open up the West to Trailheads expansion. So the four of us (and Fio) dashed through the woods and then hurried over to Heirloom Market BBQ. It's near several of the trails we've done and an absolute delight. Read more about it in our Barbecue Section! 



Clinton Nature Preserve Loop-Villa Rica

Distance: 3.35miles

Elevation Gain:  335 ft

Moving Time:  1:41

Barbecue:  Evan's Barbeque Company

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes:   Trailheads took the road West to Villa Rica. Elvis was heading to his dog country spa there so we found a hike and barbecue spot in the area. Clinton was a sweet walk. Lovely trails, granite expanses and water features. Not too hard. Not too easy. And not marked all that well with so many trail options to choose from. We wandered a bit but eventually found our way. We'll be back. Elvis and Fio approved but would prefer more water. Then we checked out Evan's Barbeque Company. Read more about it in our Barbecue Section! 



Lake Zwerner (aka Yahoola Creek Reservoir)

Distance: 3.54 miles

Elevation Gain:  469 ft

Moving Time:  1:39

Barbecue:  North Georgia BBQ (Home of the Pig Melt)

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes:   The Trailheads took a little drive up to Dahlonega for this hike. Meeting Guy who drove down from the lake. While the area is known for gold we saw an awful lot of pristine blue thanks to hurricane Ida blowing through earlier in the week. The sky was a perfect blue with puffy white clouds that reflected off the glasslike surface of the lake. We got our steps in since the elevation was a little steeper than some of us counted on. The dogs got double that of course. Then we headed to North Georgia BBQ to sample The Pig Melt and their other tasty offerings. The hardest part was staying awake for the drive back home.


TRAILHEADS:  BC, SF, GT, RT, PS and Guest BA Albert

Herbert Taylor Park

Distance: 3 miles

Elevation Gain:  125 ft

Moving Time:  1:48:54

Barbecue:  Lake & Oak Neighborhood BBQ

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes:   This in-town hike featured a special guest: ad guru/pickleball master BA Albert. Yes, the he-men Trailheads got a well-needed shot of diversity, and she quickly tired of us sharing our feelings. The highlight of our journey was Roy getting knocked on his ass by Elvis––that’ll teach him not to get between a 100+ muscular-pounds of lab mix and water. Fio laughed and ran with Elvis into the creek for playtime. Dogs aren’t compassionate like Roy’s cats. Afterward, we sampled the fare at Lake & Oak Neighborhood BBQ and scarfed down sixteen times the calories we had just burned.



Morgan Falls Overlook

Distance: 3 miles

Elevation Gain: 

Moving Time

Barbecue:  Slopes BBQ of Sandy Springs

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes: It looked easy enough. A beautiful park for youngsters. A really nice kayaking setup down by the peaceful, foggy water. An idyllic setting. Then the trail began and we suddenly realized why all the people were playing at the park – not the trail. It was a tangle of tree roots going up and down and up again, and sort of sideways. And the monsoon rains the night before increased the degree of difficulty and Quicksand exponentially. Fio and Elvis frolicked in all the water features. The only answer on this muggy day was barbecue in Sandy Springs. Check out the review for yourself!


TRAILHEADS:  Brad, Roy, Guy, Patrick

Bowman's Island

Distance: 4 miles

Elevation Gain: 98 feet

Moving Time: 1:37:35

Barbecue:  Smokey Q

Asset 4_3x.png

Rated: 4 Ribs (our rating system)

Notes: A repeat hike on the closed trail. This time, we fought some lions, a T Rex and avoided an elephant stampede–– no wonder the trail was closed. It was a sweltering day, and in the parking lot, we peeled off our soaking shirts, slipped into dry ones, and headed to sample barbecue in the marina. Read all about it in our review.


TRAILHEADS:  Brad, Roy, George, Patrick, Steve

Island Ford Trail

Distance: 5 miles

Elevation Gain: 453 feet

Moving Time: 2:12:06

Barbecue:  City Barbecue in Roswell

Asset 4_3x.png

Notes: Here’s a scenic trail along the Chattahoochee River. Fio and Elvis engaged in a spirited discussion of politics in the rodent world, while TrailHeads discussed rodents in the political world. Elvis and Fio took a dip on this hot day and shook themselves dry, making us wet. We headed into Sandy Springs for some mighty fine barbecue. Read our review already!

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