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Hiking Our Best Lives

We are six friends and two dogs who hike weekly, a walking study in maintaining good health and sanity. Recent studies prove exercise, friendship, and social interaction contribute to prolonged life––and we prefer this side of the soil. As we walk, we're solving world problems (if only someone would listen) while battling natural dangers like bloodthirsty mosquitoes, ravenous chiggers, and the constant threat of evil gravity. After hiking, we find a local barbecue joint and sample smoked meats and sides (maybe that part of our mission isn't exactly healthy, but we've got to enjoy life, right?). The Saucy Chronicles section of this site has our trail and barbecue reviews, and The Swag Shop sells merch––with ALL profits benefiting good causes. Even if you can't be a Trailhead, you can dress like one.


Okay, we lied. You can be a Trailhead if you start your own crew.

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Enjoy our site. We're glad you found us.

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