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on the path to truth & barbecue
"Who Are You?"

We are six friends, vaccinated (AF) because we believe in science, and two dogs, walking the woods and solving world problems (if only someone would listen). With every step, we battle ravenous chiggers, vampire mosquitos, exposed roots lying in wait to take an unsuspected foot on a dangerous trip. But we walk undaunted, talking bourbons and gummies, politics and climate, culture and arts. We're working up a fierce appetite for our reward at the end of the trail: smoked meats, fixings, and maybe some of that fruit cobbler there. Dollop on a scoop, please. In the woods, and around the table, with barbecue sauce dripping from our chins, we're happy as pigs in the pen (avoiding the butcher's evil eye). 

We are Atlanta's TrailHeads: 

Walking the woods and tackling the issues of our time.

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Elvis & Fio Sillouhette
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